How do you know yourself?

Are you the one your parents made you? Are you what your friends thought you should be? Who are you?

This might be improper for an adult to ask. Some people think that they find themselves easily. ‘I know who I am.’

‘We do not have time to think about this.’

But I do believe that to find yourself is harder than anyone thought it would be. People are too complex for their brain to understand, and we are not talking about ‘soul’ and our very existence yet.

Do you know yourself? Do you know and understand your surroundings? The air that you breathe, the colors you see, the texture that you feel, the joy that you savor, or the broken heart you cried over?

I have felt all of them before. I feel it, but I do not know if I know it, let alone understand it.

I am complex, so does you. I can feel myself, yet it so hard to make myself sure that I know or understand who I actually am.

See? I am rambling right now.


One thought on “Questions

  1. Same as me gal.
    Deep in my heart, I always panic if someone asked me that question.
    25 y/o, and yet still not sure if i knew and understand my self that much.
    help help help
    *or is it only ourselves who could answer that?

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