A Flying Boat

I see those kites almost everywhere. A kite shaped like a boat. Instead of floating in the water, this boat floats in the air. I don’t know why but I always have a sentimental feelings whenever I see a picture of that kite. It’s like something are calling me, waiting for me to come.

You always have that kind of memories. The one that captured your attention hard and fly your imagination high, high above. When I see that kite and the purple orange sky that formed its background, my mind flies into the realm where you could sit and spending time to see the day turning from bright to dark. It always a magical moment, especially when you savor it.

What happen when the sun has set in the west? Is it us that miss its glowing radiance? Or maybe it has some power that hypnotize? I used to hear a ghostly story when I was a child, about an evil spirit that released from their cage when the sun has set.

“Don’t go anywhere, stay in the house. And the most important thing, never sleep between daytime and night time. Batara Kala is coming.” said my grandmother.

It is the sunset that make us stay in the house. When the sky goes darker, it is time to stay and lock our door. Sunset used to give me an eerie feeling, like something out there is changing. It also gives an excitement when I try to spot the moment sky is stroking its reddish color. The ancestor use to say, that it was the time when Betara Kala (one of the Javanese Hindu God) eat the sun until he released it in the next twelve hours. Hence, the sky is bleeding.

I don’t know that I love sunset that much. I guess everyone would love it either, but I don’t know if they have the same sentimental, beautiful feeling whenever they catch the glimpse of sun that looks like sinking into the sea.

When I go to my favorite place to watch sunset – you might call me mainstream when I mention the place, but I could not care less – I took some picture on the same spot in a different years, and I always see the kite somehow. It looks like it flies to chase the sun, before it disappear completely.

My mind would wander into something that I cannot even describe, and I will spend the rest of my day imagining and wondering at something that might be unimportant.


2 thoughts on “A Flying Boat

  1. yesss same here!!
    gue jg gt gal kalo liat sunset.. tp sebel klo trus denger ada yg ‘eh sunset! senset dil!’ *byasanya nyokap.
    i used to collect photographs of it. tp yg tersisa cuma 1, dulu kan blm digicam.
    i think that’s why i love beach. Btw, kudeta yeee ;9

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