Tak ada daun yang sama


Life is hard. But why is that so? I’m not saying that my life had been hell. In fact, I could say that I’ve been blessed with a lot of things, and it had been more perfect because I feel that I actually realize that. A lot of people in this world are very lucky, but they just didn’t realize it. Not that I was saying that every people should or must be grateful, because not all people are realize that they should feel grateful.

Anyway, it just weird when you actually recognize how people have different feelings and reactions when it comes to a lot of things. Sure, we know that people are meant to be different. It was something that we accept as a fact, period. The question is not about is it true that people are supposed to be different, but it is more about are we actually accept that people are different? We already knew the fact, but are we actually realize that fact?

If we understand that fact, why is it so hard when we saw and savored things that doesn’t make sense on us? When we experienced something that we thought stupid and unnecessary, we tend to make a judge toward it, and we did that easily. Well, to judge is easier than to try to understand. To say that something is wrong is easier than to think about why is it wrong? What is wrong, anyway?

My father used to say, that we live in the world where God created something more complex than we could ever imagine or think of.

“Look at that tree, Galih.” One day, he talked to me when we passed a one small tree. I forget the place, but I remember about that tree vaguely. It was glowing with its green leaves all over its branches, sparkling when the sun light it gently.

“Look at that tree. It contains hundreds, or maybe thousands leaves. And no one is actually similar than each other. Each is unique, each is different.”

I stunned when he said that to me. He was right. We couldn’t count all the leaves in the world, but we would know for sure that they must be different from each other.

“Marvelous isn’t it? How God created things? It was Him there. He is so many, yet He is only One.”

It is marvelous, indeed. And it was shocking to me as well, how that tree and its leaves reminds me about differences and complexities in our lives. It doesn’t mean that we need to tolerate every single thing that happened. It just, we need to understand and realize – before we make a false judgment or silly actions – that there are differences. No one is actually in an exact similar condition from each other.

Life is hard on some people. It might not be that hard on you, or on me. Maybe its actually hard on everybody. We won’t know for sure. I haven’t answered my previous question about why is life seems to be harder for some people.

I am different than you are, and I realize that. Well, at least I’m trying to. We might try to deny the sun, the ground, and the water. We might deny everything. But yet here we are.


2 thoughts on “Tak ada daun yang sama

  1. you know, your writing made me think, that every single thing in this world is unique. maybe even the fabricated ones. the composites might be different as well. then it’s a big okay to be different. only, we might not always be free to make a statement, since the world just don’t like the so-called “abnormal”.

    and I’m still wondering why you wrote the exact same topic with what I’ve been wanting to write heeee…

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