On A World On My Own


I watched UP for the second time yesterday.

This is not an UP review. I just love Pixar so much that I found it difficult to not be subjective when it comes to reviewing their movies. Since I’m not reviewing it here, I just want to share my terrible experience at the movie theater.

When I saw UP at the first time, it was a midnight preview. I found the audience were awesome. They were mostly adults, – because it was midnight – they were behaving during the movie, and the most important thing is, they were appreciative.

See, I just love watching movie very much. It is something that you should savor, that you should take seriously. To watch a movie is to watch the form of art. Sometimes I think that maybe I’m just exaggerating, maybe I’m just a nerd or a geek. (Well, some people think that to be a geek is so much cooler than to be a nerd, they also said that there are a big differences. Not that I cared of) But the point is, it just distracting so much when people talking in the movies, or when they answer that damn telephone, (I think it’s okay if you just whispered when you were answering the telephone, though) or simply when they text-ing or sms-ing through the movie. I mean, your phone has a backlight and it just annoying when it flashing in front on my eyes and I want to focus on what happened in the movie and not on your cellphone or blackberry!!!

Okay, so when I watched UP for the second time, there was this middle aged man talking through the movie on his phone. And to make it more perfect, he was talked through the most beautiful scene on the movie. I don’t want to give a spoiler here, but it just the most touching moment in the movie ever. Pete Docter – the director of UP – made it more perfect with adding only piano as its music background, which is also thanks to Michael Giacchino for the great pieces of score.

So this man were keep talking during this great scene, and since this scene are almost soundless expect for the piano track, his voice came loud and clear. I was take a peek on him, and yes he was clearly an adult accompanied by his wife – I think – and his whole family. I do think that his wife should shut him up or something if he just cannot behave. I mean, he is an adult for God’s sake! Didn’t he know that it would ruin other people’s mood? Or maybe he just didn’t care?

It was only the first one. The second one is actually less important and it might be my problem rather then their problem. See, I have this sensitivity when it comes to people not appreciate something or appreciate something but not in the place where I think that it should be appreciate. You might find me as a weirdo or an egoistical person, it’s okay because I sometimes do think that as well. So, during any movie I used to explored the audiences senses of humor. It annoys me when I watched a movie which jokes are not funny, insulting, immature, stupid, or anything, and have an audiences laugh out loud. I know that it just a matter of taste, and I’m not implying that I have a better, more sophisticated sense of humor than anybody else. I just want to say that it annoys me so bad, sitting in the movie full of people who laughed at the very wrong part.

Despite of that, I really love it when the audiences is having the similar sense of humor like I do, which I found it perfectly when I watched UP for the first time. Meanwhile, the second viewing were just getting uncomfortable when there are some hilariously funny jokes and it turned up that I’m the only one – well, there are some others – who laughed out loud.

Yesterday was just a disappointment. I used to think that maybe I just asked too much. I mean, I know for some people that a movie is just a movie. It is something that you shouldn’t over-analyzed, it’s not something that you have to love, it’s just an entertainment, it’s not a big deal. Well, it is for me. It is a form of art, and it means that it contains its beauty, it contains hard work, it’s valuable (and I’m not talking only about the money it gonna make).

But I think this is the time that I should accept the fact that some people are watching movies not because they want to analyze it, or listening to the soundtracks like they were listening to the most beautiful classic pieces ever written, and watching with a giddy excitement while they’re processed the script and screenplay, and later they appreciate it on their head.

I should accept the fact that there are people who go and pay to the movies without knowing who the director is (in fact, there are some people who exclaimed their favorite movies without knowing who directed it!), or simply go to the movies because they love the actors and the actresses. I don’t think that it’s wrong. Maybe it just a common thing out there, and it’s just me who live in my own world, asking too much.


5 thoughts on “On A World On My Own

  1. I think I’m among those ignorant people gal. hee… ya nggak segitunya juga si. But reading this slapped me in the face that I should’ve appreciated movies more. Simply because I didn’t know every single director for every single movie I watched. It’s like not knowing the architect who make that house or the artist who make this sketch [hunting sketsa yuk T_T]. Thanks Gal for making me realize this.

    By the way this annoying thing also happened to me when I wathced Watchmen. You know, all audiences [I mean all, except me and my friend and two others] were junior high students. It was a hard movie, right? with violences, blood, sexual contents, etc. And they’re just kids. they couldn’t stand these scenes. So they oannoying sounds like ‘hiiiiii’ or ‘ikkkhhh or ‘ “hahaha” ‘ [ketawa panik] during these scenes. DURING these scenes. Bahhhh….

    BTW the film was rated R alias restricted alias not suitable for underage.

    dasar anak2 esempe underaged. hmpf.

    1. Noo I didn’t mean to slap you in the face, Dai. T__T

      You’re not ignorant at all, but I guess you just didn’t see the importance for knowing who the director is bla bla bla. Hehehe. But you have a very good taste and opinion about movie, IMO. 🙂
      I also agree with you when you said that not knowing about the director is almost the same with us who said that we like some building or a painting without knowing the architect or the painter.
      Although I’m not saying that in order to appreciate a movie, we MUST know who the director is. But, if we know who the director is, we could appreciate it in a different level. Same goes with architecture, right? 😉

      BTW Dai, gw udah nyoba komen lagi di blog lo, tapi eror lagiii…. Emosi jiwa nih gw…. 😦

  2. no no no.. dont feel bad gal, but seriously I am now feel the need to know the men [and women] behind the movies.

    eh komen lo masuk kok yg sketsa.. tp yg centhini enggak bisa ya? kepanjangan kali gal hehe.

  3. u live in ur own world, indeed!! u make me feel guilty deh gal..i never knew who direct the film as well everytime i saw a movie.. 😥
    eh just wondering, so u think we should appreciate the movie based on whos the director? coz wouldn’t it then be subjective?

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