A Spacious Place

world classic

At my previous house, I used to have a place to hide. It was a spot behind the closet inside my parents’ room. The closet was touching the edge of the bed, and its other side was touching the wall. So it was a perfect place to sit, to build your ‘fort’ from the pillows, or simply to read a book.

I just realized that the spot used to be my favorite one. It’s not the bedroom, it’s not the living room, or the bathroom, but it is this spot that made me feels like home. This spot had became my own ‘space’. I used to read a book and also thinking, rushed myself with the questions and ideas that always came to my head.

When I sit on certain places, I will imagining things easily. I will turning myself in on every book I read, be able to visualize it easier than ever.

Weird, isn’t it? Or maybe it’s not?

A little place can build a very large space. It’s just a spot in my parents’ bedroom, which I think existed accidentally, but it could formed a lot of things in my mind. Sometimes we tend to see a value of a place only based on its ‘price’. Whether it’s luxurious, fulfilled the aesthetics requirements, beautiful to look at, or ‘functional’.  Well, some ugly places could be highly valuable. Of course, it’s depends on every person’s experiences and needs, but what I want to highlight here is, is it possible that every single place has its own value, or maybe its own story?

The space that came from my favorite spot might be only in my mind, but it contributes my future. Have you ever think that maybe you were on a place that is actually very important to you, but you never realized it? That you have this favorite place to sit and to think, but you never count it as important, because it’s not as valuable as you think it supposed to be?

Some unusual place could be highly valuable. We might re-explore our house and looking for something that we tend to miss. I still pick my hidden fortress as my favorite. Although it’s not exist anymore, but I could still recall it on my head whenever I want to. How about yours?


4 thoughts on “A Spacious Place

    1. Makanya nih aku juga khawatir aku salah jelasin deh. Hahaha. Itu lho tri, kamu inget kamar bapak ibuku dulu nggak? Di rumah lama? Kan ada satu sudut ranjang yang nempel sama lemari tinggi. Nah di pojok situ…

  1. interesting..
    of course every place has its own value! No matter if its only dibalik gerobak or di teras depan istana (apa seeeh perumpamaan gue?!)
    and yes, me to also think that to realize that u’d find one needs time. Like u, people usually didn’t realize about it until several times they used it. I wonder where mine is.. Hmmm

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