Endless Love

Candi Sewu
Candi Sewu

Some people love someone, they are willing to do anything. Some husband loves their wife, he made an eternal tomb when she died. Some man forgives every mistakes the woman made, for he is keep waiting for her love. Some love stories are just a tragedy.

This is a story about a girl who was being loved, but she couldn’t love in return. She was a very beautiful princess. She has the most beautiful body in the kingdom, for she was slender. Her name is Rara Jonggrang (Slender Virgin).

She was an anomaly, because her form is human. While her father, Prabu Boko, was an ogre. Rara Jonggrang was a princess in Kingdom of Boko, a kingdom ruled by ogres. One day, Prabu Boko was trying to expand his territory by conquering their neighboring kingdom, Pengging. Prabu Boko trained his ogres army, his best fighters and do everything he had to do in order to win the battle. Prabu Boko was so sure that he’s gonna win the battle, because he knew that Pengging were inhabit by humans. No human would win against ogres. But what he didn’t know was that the Pengging’s prince, Bandung Bondowoso, were not an ordinary human.

Bandung Bondowoso were trained in magic and wizardry, something that even an ogre should be afraid of. He could transforms and curses things, he could summons the ancestors spirit, and no ones could defeat him. Prabu Boko didn’t know this, and he lost all of his ogres and soldiers when he fought Pengging. The King of Ogre met his death.

It was a desperate times for Kingdom of Boko. Rara Jonggrang missed her father badly, and he hated the man who killed her father. But it was only a time when Bandung Bondowoso come to Boko to claim his victory, and meet the princess in person. Rara Jonggrang was very enchanting that Bandung Bondowoso mesmerized by her.

But Rara Jonggrang hated the man, for he was the one who take his father away from her. There was no way Bandung Bondowoso could marry her, although Rara Jonggrang knew that she could do almost nothing. Bandung Bondowoso was the new ruler of Kingdom Boko, and it is only time that the prince lay his hand on her.

Bandung Bondowoso asked the girl to marry him. Rara Jonggrang rejected it at first, but Bandung Bondowoso kept trying. Finally Roro Jonggrang accepted it, with two conditions. First, the prince must dig a well name Jalatunda. Second, the prince must build a thousand temples in one night.

Just like her father, Rara Jonggrang underestimated the prince’s supernatural power. Bandung Bondowoso could do almost anything. He dug Jalatunda with his own hand, tried his best to impress the princess. While Bandung Bondowoso was working on the well, Rara Jonggrang pushed him so he went down, fell into the well. Asking help from her friends, Rara Jonggrang piled stones on it and buried the prince alive.

Bandung Bondowoso were stronger than anybody expected, he escaped from the well. Bandung Bondowoso forgave the princess, and tried to impress her once again. He built the mightiest and most beautiful thousand temples in Java, just like the princess ordered him.

He meditated and summoned the great ancient spirit of Demons, and he asked them to build thousand temples in one night. It was an easy job for the Demons, the only thing would stop their mighty work is the sunrise. So the Demons were working fast, until they made it with the 999th temples. It’s only one more and Roro Jonggrang have to marry Bandung Bondowoso any time soon. Roro Jonggrang knew this. She’s still hate the prince. She wouldn’t be forced to be married, and she would do anything to stop him.

The slender lady asked her friends once more, to light the fire in the east, and began to pound rice. The sound of the pounding, and the fire in the east awaken the rooster. They thought that it’s already sunrise, and they started to crow.

Thinking that it already dawn, the Demon disappeared into the earth, leaving the last temple unfinished.

Knowing that he had been fooled once again, Bandung Bondowoso was mad. He, the mightiest prince on earth, could do almost anything happened. He could defeats an ogre, he could builds a thousand temples. But why couldn’t he make Rara Jonggrang to love him? He cursed Rara Jonggrang into a stone. And then, he built the final temple by his own hand. At the end, he puts the stone of his lovers inside the temple, married her, and let her complete his labor of love. The most beautiful temple in Java is finished.

Some love story is just a tragedy. But a tragedy can form its beauty.

Rara Jonggrang
Rara Jonggrang

11 thoughts on “Endless Love

    1. Yes, it is. Some theories said that we (Indonesian) have a lot of similarities when it comes to folk legends. Although Tangkuban Perahu is kinda of disturbing, hehehe, aspecially in the part of ‘oedipus complex’. I just can’t imagine how kids would react when they heard the story. XD

  1. Ahahaha… I acted normal actually, when i first heard it in age 7 or so. I wonder how i didnt think it was disturbing as i do now. =D

    (and also for the part that Sumbi is married to Tumang, a dog)

    1. Heeee I just realized that! She was married to the Dog? Ewww…
      Weird story, but very interesting, though. 😀

  2. wait… he finally got married to.. a stone???
    hadooohhhh yang bener aja dong ni orang2 *maksud gue legenda2*
    si roro jongrang tu pasti semog abis kayak megan fox gitu ya? wakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakak….

    btw i found that plenty of Indonesian legends have weird love [or relationship. or sexual experiences] stories. heee… cuman orang2 jaman sekarang aja pada sok ignorant 😀

  3. WUakakakaakakakk pedofil =))

    Ups ga boleh ketawa lepas di blog. Harus jaim heeee… Iya si, akan sangat seru kalo melihat cerita-cerita lokal kita yang keren keren dan menurut gw sangat maju itu. Gw juga bingung sejak kapan bangsa kita jadi harus berkerudung dan ‘suci’ ya? Jadi inget RUU pornografi jaman dulu yang sungguh absurd.

    Btw gw masih menunggu blog lo yang tentang Centhini Dai. Hohoho

  4. kyahahahaha eh perawan gak boleh ketawa kenceng2 :))

    oiyaya si centhini.. waduh.. gue cari dulu ya. tp yg esai bahasa inggris gue itu udah positif ilang 😦

    *ini kenapa jd ngobrol di sini..

    1. Aduh perawan coba heee!!! Oke Dai, gw akan dengan sabar menunggu. Soalnya menurut gw itu pasti keren. *smug*

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