Sang Saka Merah Putih

This is for Indonesia.

In case you don’t know, there were two explosions that happened to be bomb at J.W. Marriot and Ritz Carlton hotel Jakarta, Indonesia at 07.45 AM. When I posted this blog, there were 9 people dead and 50 are injured.

It could happen anywhere, almost all the time. You are walking around the street in the morning, looking for something to eat, wondering what are you going to do for the rest of the day. By the next day, you’re not in this world anymore, because the bomb exploded near you. It took your life very quick, and it was unexpected.

Unlike in a war zone or a battle, we won’t know that our life is in danger when we walk in the pavement, or while we shop in the mall, or while we eat and drink our coffee in the coffee shop. We are unarmed, we are not alert, we are carefree. It is indeed unexpected, when our ear is badly hurt because the explosion and we heard someone shrieked loudly because they were in pain. We are not prepared ourselves to see blood on our friend’s faces, or to see someone try to run but he kept falling because he lost one of his legs.

Yes, it is indeed unexpected. or maybe it isn’t?

We Indonesian, live side by side with the danger, that’s what a lot of people said. When a natural disaster happened, we knew that it won’t hurt us much, for we already experience a lot more worse accident before. We tend to keep praying all the time, hoping this would be the last.

But it isn’t.

It hurts so much when we hear something happened with our country. A plane crashed, a flood, a tsunami. But it’s a natural disaster, so we calmed ourselves slowly. We were thinking that it might happened to everybody everywhere, thinking that it’s natural.

Until the bomb came.

I won’t talk about either it’s ‘natural’ or ‘unnatural’, but whatever they were doing was wrong. There are no reason nor sake that could tell us such action are necessary. And to say that they’re doing this in the name of – oh please help me! – God, is something beyond believe.

There are some rumors outside that this bombing has something to do with the politic. But what I want to highlight is; – and I’m talking to the bomber here, or anybody who is responsible for the attack –  that we are not live alone in this world. We live with our differences, and that is the thing that I believe will exist until the end of the world and the end of time; the differences. You can’t run from the fact that we are not the only people who have religion or political interest. We’re living side by side, with me, with you, with them, with us, anybody, everybody. We are all exist! We are all have the right to live! To write off the difference means you lose one point of your existence. If you can’t understand or won’t understand that, maybe you can look for another world to live.

It is a very sad time for us, indeed. But they won’t intimidated us. We have to let ourselves speak at these crucial times. Like Pandji Pragiwaksono said, let us stand in our feet, tell the world that WE ARE NOT AFRAID.

Because we are Indonesian, we are the descendants of the brave people. They can attacked us, and we’ll show them who’s gonna survive when we fight in front of the line.


5 thoughts on “INDONESIA UNITE

  1. another permission to copying the Bendera Merah Putih .. thank u ^^
    and of course .. it is save to come n visit Indonesia .. the paradise of adventure, F&B, people and environment tourism ..
    so come n visit Indonesia ^^

    Ps. the bomber are not from Indonesian ..

  2. Guys, silahkan di copy paste benderanya. Image itu sebenarnya bukan punya gw, gw ambil di salah satu website, tapi straight-to link nya nggak berfungsi, jadi gw juga ga tau sekarang websitenya apaan. Thx to visit my blog. 🙂

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