Do I Need To Answer That Right Now?

Me and my Dad taking a photo. Do I want to be a photographer?
Me and my Dad taking a photo. Do I want to be a photographer?

It came to your head almost all the time. The question. The big, scary question. What do you want to be when you grow up? Maybe it won’t be that ‘scary’ if you heard it when you were five or seven years old. But we are not getting younger. And that question will haunt us, come to us over and over again.

I’m 25 right now. I still don’t know what do I want to be now. Hey, I’m an adult, don’t I? People will expect me to answer that question. Currently I work as a lecturer in a university. I love this job,  I love to teach and to learn at the same time. Teaching at the university is one of the best way to do both things.

But do I really want to be a lecturer? Well, I still don’t know. I always thought that it might be one of the best opportunity that ever happened in my life, teaching at one of the best university in my country. Yet, I always want to be a designer. I want to make things, to build something. I want to be able to point at one building, or one restaurant, or one office, or anything, and say that it was me who designed it. It was me who made it. Who build it.

Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to do that. I did some design, but it was ended on paper only. They’re not build it. They don’t make it happen. I believe, though, someday I’ll make something. It doesn’t have to be big, or grande by it’s size. It could be anything. It could be a building, it could be a book, anything.

So, if anybody ask me right now, what do you want to be? I still don’t know the answer. But I will try my best to pursue anything that I think good to me. I’m kind of person who believe that something good will happen to you as long as you live your life with the good intentions. Well, that’s me. How about yours?


3 thoughts on “Do I Need To Answer That Right Now?

  1. me neither gal.. i still don’t know what i really want to be.. 2 weeks ago, just after my final presentation of my master course finished, my dad called me to congratulated me. but then after that he asked ‘so what are you gonna do next?’, i just answered automatically ‘as soon i go back to jakarta, i’ll send my CV to some of interior consultants’. but i don’t know if become an interior consultant is what i really want to be. because sometimes i have this thought that i wouldn’t be able to design as good as those designers whose project appear in interior magazine. well i don’t know, i guess i was just being pessimist. because if i don’t want to be one, why did i took master degree in that field?!

    but u know what, surprisingly, i also enjoyed teaching u know?! i just realize that i like teaching people some knowledge that i know. (but i’m still thinking if its came from my side that like to take control of other people?) and it’s kinda funny coz my mum said that when i was little, every time i was being asked about what do i want to be when i grow up i always answered that i want to be a teacher! so as u know already, i also going to apply for lecturer spot in our previous uni! i also think that maybe one day i could also be a teacher in free-school or maybe organizing it myself! (do u want to join me? 🙂 ) i kinda glad that i have this 1 thing for sure to answer about what i want.

    but i think we shouldn’t not worry about that question too much gal. despite of our age which become older, we do still have many times to try many things until we find the one that we passionate about. just keep praying that it would come soon! 🙂

  2. gal i think u can try to make a book or s.t where u can write everything that u ever learn or anything that u know (sometimes it’s still amazed me how u know all of those stuff gal!!!)
    i believe that someday u will become a really really great man, who built s.t or write s.t or a great lecturer or bla bla bla enything else that u ever dream of… i agree with dila in this, u don’t need to be worry…
    just keep on what u’ve just started, do it best, and for sure u get what u want!

  3. nice momento galihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………. father and son hehehehe , mmm splendid blog cieh ciehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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