The Eternal Spectacle

Michael Jackson 1958-2009
Michael Jackson 1958-2009

It’s weird yet wonderful how Michael Jackson’s death could stop the most massive and limitless media ever: the Internet. If I recalled correctly, the internet jammed about almost 5 minutes due to the unstoppable request on the searching portal like Google and Yahoo. Since then every radio, department store, television, play a tribute to The King of Pop.

It’s ironic how we missed him so much when he’s finally gone, after what we talked about his miserable life. His life and work reappear in front of us all over again. The lonely boy whose talent are limitless. From the awesome but creepy video clip of Thriller, until the latest You Rock My World. (It was his last video, I think…) People suddenly buy his records again. His voice is almost everywhere.

MJ said about 17 years ago, that people will ‘celebrate his death’. Well, he was right. Everybody seems to love him again. To ‘re-love’ him, if the word could made any sense… He made his whole life worth to watch, to see, and to hear. His death – as devastating as it might be – is probably the ‘greatest’ death of this decade. The death, that could make the endless spectacle, the eternal one.


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